Bandung’s Golf

Are you looking for a new place challenging gold course? It’s time to get out of country or your city and try Bandung golf. Not only just for the obvious reasons people flock to Bandung, it also boasts some of the best and most accessible golf courses in the country. You will be amazed at the breathtaking view and the multi-terrain courses; Golfing in Bandung has its major perk too, its cooler climate makes you want to golf longer, and will definitely be refreshed sooner.

One of the must visit golf course is the Mountain View Golf Club Dago Pakar Bandung, one of the best golf club in Bandung designed by Peter Thompson, a British golf world champion. It offers 5.583 meter of the field with 18 holes, with very challenging tee box shot. If you’ are not much of a golfer, you can enjoy the scenic view of Dago in The View Bar and Restaurant. This golf course is only 12 minutes away from Dago Atas area.

Bandung also has Dago Endah Golf Course, one of the oldest golf course in Indonesia located in Dago Atas Street in Bandung. Built in 1917, Dago Endah provides more than 18 holes golf public in a unique landscape of north Bandung valley. Golfers can swing their golf stick in 956-1065 meter above sea level with beautiful view of mountain and pines forest.

If you want to make it a real golfing retreat, head to Bandung Giri Ghana Golf and Resort that provides several options for you who want to fill your spare time and fill your vacation time. Explore the 18 holes of beautiful golf course designed by Austro Asian Golf & Association, with a special type of the grass: Bermuda Grass and Bent Grass. Bandung Giri Gahana not only provides you the golf course but also outbound activities and spa. It will be perfect to fill your free time in Bandung.

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